Dairy-free White Chocolate Lemon Detox Drops (vegan, paleo, low carb + keto)

Dairy-free White Chocolate Lemon Detox Drops (vegan, paleo, low carb + keto)

Drops of dairy-free, keto white chocolates, free from sugar and made with only 5 ingredients.

Yeah! Mindless detox that includes eating keto white chocolate? I think you’re going to like this one. Also, I was very mindful of food allergens in this keto recipe. These keto drops are free of just about everything you’ve told me that you’re sensitive to.

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I’m ready!

I created this keto recipe for Natural Vitality. They have a new website since the last time you saw them.

On the average day, I eat in an 8-hour window, finishing my keto meals for the day around 7pm. Eating this way works well for me, encouraging my body to go through a natural “detox” during the other 16 hours that I’m not eating. I’ve found that my digestion has improved, I no longer experience hypoglycemic episodes, frantic eating has subsided, and my skin is a lot clearer.

When I first started doing this (it’s called intermittent fasting), it was pretty difficult to get through those 16 hours without eating something. After investigating this way and that, I learned that my ghrelin (a hormone that controls hunger) and leptin levels were throwing me off. Also, many women do not have success with eating this way because it throws off our bodies natural cycles. Understanding this, I started eating keto fats during the 16-hour window to send the signal to my body that “all was good”. By eating ONLY keto fats, my body continued to be in a state of fat-burning and my hormones got happier.

The keto fats can be delivered a couple of ways, many use keto, bulletproof coffee. But sometimes blending keto coffee isn’t the most convenient thing. These dairy-free, keto white chocolate drops do the trick, satisfying deep cravings on a cellular level. Seriously, next time you’re craving something, have a high-fat, keto snack instead. It’s amazing just how quickly your body will become satiated. Boom, and done.

There’s Natural Calm in this keto recipe, a powdered magnesium supplement that I use for a balanced sleep, increase flexibility in restorative yoga, and maintain healthful magnesium levels. It’s the #1 supplement that I recommend in The Keto Beginning. Which is another reason why I love these sugar-free, dairy-free, and keto White Chocolate Lemon Detox Drops as a keto bedtime snack.

Do you have to follow a high-fat, keto eating style to cash-in on the benefits of this? No! It’s just another tactic/strategy that you may want to play around with to see if it works for you. And hey, not many will say no to white chocolate! So, even if you don’t use these keto detox drops to encourage detoxification and mild ketosis, they’re delicious and great before bed.

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It wouldn’t be complete without a couple of process shots to help you along the way…

I made this keto recipe for Natural Vitality, my first one on their new website!

In addition to giving their site a new look, they’ve also created the Calmful Balance eBook – a guide filled with tips, recipes and reflections on bringing balance to your home, the way you eat and how you manage stress. Many inspirational ideas to realistically add balance to your life.

And? Have an awesomely keto Sunday <3

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