5 Ingredient Hazelnut Toffee Squares

5 Ingredient Hazelnut Toffee Squares

Food memory throwbacks are the best kind of memories. The smells, the tastes, they’re essential to our life experience and should continue to be experienced even if  allergies, sensitivities, or a change in eating style threaten to ruin the show.

Allergies aside, I bet there are a handful of foods that ignite your creativity, stunt your unhappy thoughts and light your heart on fire.

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I’m ready!

One of those foods for me is toffee.

My Grandpa loved toffee.

He brought my sister and I toffee each time he came to visit. Only, I’m pretty sure it was more for him than it was for us, but he shared.

When I learned I was allergic to dairy and couldn’t have toffee anymore, I was crushed.

There’s nothing quite like finding out you have an allergy to the food that makes you happy. It’s just downright cruel if you ask me. And, up until a couple of years ago, I didn’t think I had the power to change any of it.

No food allergy, sensitivity or eating style is a match for your cunning determination to be happy. @be_healthful

I’ve chosen to be in the driver’s seat of my life, instead of letting my allergies run the show. First order of business, toffee. Second order of business, better toffee. Third… well, you get the idea.

I’m making toffee and it’s gawd-damn delicious.

Head on over to Brittany’s blog, Real Sustenance, for my new 5 Ingredient Hazelnut Toffee Square recipe and plan to whip up a batch, quick!

What is your favorite memory throwback food?

Have you tried to make it healthier, remove allergens, etc.? Any luck?

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