21 Keto Pasta Dishes

21 Keto Pasta Dishes

Let’s face it: even though keto makes me feel amazing, sometimes I just want a bowl of pasta, but is keto pasta an oxymoron? Not anymore. I’ve got 21 keto pasta dishes, with a wide variety of flavors and options and a keto hack to cut the carbs!

Traditional pasta is loaded with refined carbs and gluten, two things that my body does not handle well. Keto has forced me to confront a lot of behaviors that do not benefit my mind and body, but it took a lot of trial and error to get here.

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I’m ready!

In the beginning of my keto journey, I thought I would be able to live a pasta-free life, but I eventually found myself craving my favorite pasta dishes again, which triggered the urge to restrict, the start of a behavior cycle that almost always ended in a binge.

In The Keto Beginning, I talked about preparing to make the shift from the pasta and McDonald’s every day mindset to keto (pages 28 through 30). You can read about how I overcame my need to restrict and learned to embrace choice on pages 20 through 22 of my digital program, Fat Fueled.

It wasn’t until I allowed myself keto equivalents of my favorite carb-heavy foods that the cravings FINALLY went away. Now as a woman that’s been eating keto for 4 years, my favorite keto pasta is NuPasta. It’s a low-carb, fibre-based precooked pasta that’s made with the konjac plant, a is a root vegetable rich in the glucomannan fibre.

Each serving of NuPasta is just 25 calories and 0 net carbs. I can whip up a big bowl of keto pasta in minutes and stay in fat burning mode, and more importantly, I don’t feel the temptation to restrict anymore. You can find out more about NuPasta here, and if you’re not in Canada, no worries! NuPasta is coming to the United States soon!

Alright, now that I’ve shared my personal history with pasta, it’s time to get to the main course. Check out all these pasta-bilities!

Low Carb Pasta a la Carbonara

Simple, bacony goodness. A classic dish ready in a pinch, especially if you use NuPasta noodles! Swap full fat coconut milk for heavy cream and use nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese to make it dairy-free!

Sausage Pasta Bake

A pasta bake made with my dairy-free tallow based melty cheese, plus fermented beef sticks and collagen for extra gut support. Use NuPasta and cut the prep in half!

Creamy Avocado Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus

This avocado looks luscious and creamy, with no dairy! I love this dish because it’s nice and bright, with enough healthy fat to keep you satiated.

Low Carb Pasta Alfredo with Sausage

A fat bomb in a bowl, topped with Italian sausage. Delicious! Looking for dairy-free swaps? Use full fat coconut milk, nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese, and butter flavored coconut oil (game changer!).

Sriracha “Spaghetti” + Meatballs

This dish is one of my favorites because the flavors meld together so well. Running short on time? Cut out the cook time and use NuPasta noodles in place of spiralized zucchini!

Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken

Tender diced chicken with tomatoes, creamy coconut milk, and fresh basil. This meal is easy to throw together (especially if you use NuPasta!) and the end result is a beautiful dish bursting with classic Italian flavors.

Avocado Walnut Pesto

This is one of those dishes that is good year round! Avocado, fresh lemon, olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, and walnut combine for a dish that is as creamy as it is comforting. Omit the parmesan cheese to make it dairy-free, or use nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese to add that salty goodness. You could whip up the pesto in advance and serve with NuPasta for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

Keto Pasta with Blue Cheese Sauce

Don’t write off this recipe if you’re dairy-free! I’m dying to try this vegan blue cheese recipe, it would work perfectly! Then just swap the other dairy items for my soy-free paleo cream cheese and butter flavored coconut oil, top with nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese, and boom — dairy-free keto pasta with blue cheese. It’s all about making swaps that work, right?

Chicken Pad Thai

Looking for a fun Asian-inspired pasta dish with a ton of flavor? I love this recipe and the use of mung bean sprouts. Peanut allergy? Me too! I’d swap peanut butter for my favorite almond butter.

Noodles with Scallops and Bacon

Scallops, bacon, lemon juice, fresh green onion, classic seasonings, noodles … simple ingredients, simply delicious.

Keto Tabbouleh

Pasta dishes don’t always have to be served hot! In fact, I think this keto tabbouleh would be awesome remixed into a pasta salad with NuPasta … feel free to add a little extra olive oil!

Noodles with Sardines, Tomatoes & Capers

Salty sardines and capers with the brightness of ripe tomato and fresh herbs … what more could you want?

Keto Pumpkin Carbonara

Doesn’t this look like comfort in a bowl? The pumpkin and sage pair so well together, and crispy pancetta adds a bit of texture and salt. I’d make this dairy-free by swapping full fat coconut milk for heavy cream, nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese for cheese, and use butter flavored coconut oil.

Low-Carb, Keto Chicken “Noodle” Soup

This is one of my favorite low carb dishes, and it’s the perfect comfort food! Use NuPasta in place of the daikon and save yourself some time in the kitchen.

Keto Spaghetti Bolognese

A keto-friendly bolognese — you could add a little pork in with the beef to up the fat and add some more flavor! Omit the cheese to keep it dairy-free or use nutritional yeast to get the same flavor.

Low Carb Shrimp Scampi

Garlicky, succulent shrimp drenched in butter (or butter flavored coconut oil!) with lemon juice, a bit of white wine, fresh herbs, and maybe some parmesan or nutritional yeast. Shrimp scampi is pretty keto, and when you pair it with NuPasta, it doesn’t feel like a compromise at all!

Creamy Curry Low-Carb Noodle Bowl

This creamy curry sauce is so versatile. I love loading up a bowl of noodles, adding my favorite veggies, a bit of protein if I’m extra hungry, and drizzling the creamy curry sauce all over — so good!

Eggplant Bacon Alfredo

I love the option of using eggplant as a pasta substitute, but I think it would be even better in addition to NuPasta! Stir it all in, maybe add some extra bacon (always) and enjoy. Make it dairy-free with full fat coconut milk instead of heavy cream, nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese instead of cheese, and butter flavored coconut oil instead of butter!

Asian Garlic Beef Noodles

I love the flavors in this glaze — fresh ginger, garlic, avocado oil, and coconut aminos, combined with beef, topped with fresh cilantro, all on a bed of NuPasta. Perfect.

Pasta with Bacon and Wild Mushroom Sauce

With NuPasta, you can skip the noodle prep and go straight to this killer bacon and wild mushroom sauce. Use my dairy-free swaps (full fat coconut milk in place of of heavy cream, nutritional yeast or my vegan shaved parmesan cheese in place of of cheese, and butter flavored coconut oil) get started on the best part: enjoying your meal!

Easy Keto Marinara Sauce

Want something that will bring you back to basics? I like your style. Whip up this keto marinara in seconds, pour some on NuPasta, zap it in the microwave, and boom: dinner.

So many options, so many opportunities to enjoy your favorite pasta pairings without the carb overload. I hope you’re feeling inspired, let me know what your favorite recipe is in the comments!

I work on finding the best products that have quality ingredients, care about their customers, and have integrity. The brand(s) I’ve shared here are awesome, and I stand behind them 100%. Opinions in this blog post are never ever influenced by the partner. Like, never!

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