Healthful Hints: Transitioning to a Fall Diet

Healthful Hints: Transitioning to a Fall Diet

Each of the four seasons offer specific practices and wisdom that can translate into positive changes to our diet. Staying attuned to the current season benefits our health, overall well-being, and gives us an excuse to eat more pumpkin.mmm pumpkin. Any guesses on what my favorite fall food is?In this episode of Healthful Hints we’re chatting about:

  • The importance of seasonal eating
  • Changes to our bodies and energy
  • What foods, herbs, and spices are the most important during this season
  • My favorite fall meal ideas

For more support and detail on seasonal eating, I highly recommend Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Dr. Elson M. Haas.Have a fabulous Wednesday!I’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow morning with the recipe to these…

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